BADLAPUR - the protagonist becomes the antagonist and antagonist becomes the protagonist.

All was going so well, life so picture perfect;A great job, a beautiful wife and a cute son, simply fabulous. What else does anyone want. he had married the love of his life and they were so madly in love with each other.  They were so very much love that only death could separate them from each other and death did it one day when a bank robber who was running with his loot shot her wife and son dead. That devil didn’t kill his wife and son but they actually destroyed his whole world. He was shattered broken into pieces. A world so beautiful suddenly turned ugly, everything had turned upside down for him. He clinches his fist and tightens his jaws and walks out to seek revenge. By the time, he reaches the killer, the killer is sentenced  to 20 years rigorous imprisonment. He is devastated, he wished to kill the destroyer of his world with his own hands, torture him brutally to death but alas destiny had some other plans. He so very much wanted to kill but couldn’t,he was thirsty for blood and his soul seeked revenge.

And  from here the revenge saga unfolds, the brutally hurt protagonist finds the where abouts of the lady love of the antagonist who is a prostitute by profession and forcefully has sex with her.  from there he moves on to an isolated place and lives there all alone with the memories of his once picture perfect life, his beautiful wife and his cute kid. Dancing all alone with the ghosts of past, feeding his soul with hatred and violence for the man who made him a loner. For 15 years, he nourishes his soul with anger, hatred, violence and transforms himself into a beast ready to devour anyone who comes in his path. One day a social worker comes to his door to plead mercy for the man he loathed all this years. For the prisoner has cancer and has only I year to live, for even though he is a robber, he does have a family, a mother who wishes to see him before death happens to either of them. He asks her one single question,” if your child gets killed by someone and you get not his body but pieces left after postmortem, what would you do, will you forgive the killer of your child”. When the social worker says,” I don’t know”, he shows her the door and politely asks her to get out.

The same day, the mother of the robber comes and he slams the door on her face but when she says, Sir open the door, I know the name of my son’s partner who was also involved in that bank robbery. Hearing this, he welcomes her inside and treats her like his own mother . Once he gets to know the name, he sets out in search of the partner in crime of the killer. He traces him and finds him happily living with a beautiful wife. Angered by his bad luck and their good luck, he stalks them and intrude into their life. He first tortures them mentally and then one fine day, with a hammer hits hard on the head of the lady who had done no mistake and let her die a slow death, a slow and cruel death. May be her crime was she was the wife of a criminal. Then comes her husband and he sees his beloved wife lying on the floor whispering in pain, he starts lamenting , our protagonist cuts short his lament by hitting him hard with the same hammer on his face and repeating the act several times till the poor man is dead. To cover his heinous crime, he goes on an already pre-planned date with the social worker, the same woman who had came seeking mercy for the killer at her house. They get drunk and in that intoxicated state, he seduces her and has sex with her.

As the movie moves towards climax, the protagonist and the antagonist have a final faceoff, the protagonist proudly announces that how he killed his friend and his wife so brutally. The antagonist says, “I did kill your wife and children but that was a mistake of a second, a moment where I couldn’t control myself. I was really nervous and in that unfortunate moment, I pulled the trigger, I am a bad man and that is expected of me, you were a good man, how could you do this, you killed two innocent souls and that too so brutally. You are sick man,you have gone mad, get yourself treated  “. Saying this he walks away.

The antagonist who was now just few months to live, goes to the police station and takes up the blame of two murders done by the protagonist and goes to jail instead of him. For he wanted to give our protagonist a second chance, a chance to live, for he had killed the human in him 15 years ago.

So by the end of the movie, the protagonist becomes the antagonist and antagonist becomes the protagonist.

For the antagonist will die a peaceful death but our protagonist will live a life of hopelessness because now his revenge is over, what purpose is left in his life now.

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