Back in 2003, that was the first world cup for me where with my own eyes, I saw India getting into the finals under the great captaincy of Indian legend Sourav ganguly. I was just 12 years at that time and was another cricket crazy boy of a cricket crazy nation. Our neighbourhood was filled with boys who were just like me- Crazy for cricket, crazy to see India win in every match. For all of us, the uncles, the aunties, all my neigbhours, my friends it was a glorious moment, a match that was highly anticipated. For India had reached the finals of an ICC world cup after 20 years. We all wanted Dada and company to repeat  what kapil dev and company did in 1983. We were all hoping for another world cup, another win, another era of glory. Hopes were high and stakes had gone up.

I still remember that day, all my relatives were sitting at my house before the match and all were highly excited about it.  There was fear too because the opponent was none other than Australia, the number one team in the cricketing world, very aggressive, known to destroy its opponents. The only time and the only team India lost against this world cup, was it was against Australia. And they were back again to haunt us, standing between us and that priceless world cup.

Zaheer khan came to bowl for the first over and the first ball he bowled was a huge wide and From there on, it was down slide for India. Never did a moment come where I saw India dominating the match. It was Australia leading all the way. As Australian batsman thrashed the Indian bowlers and went on to post a huge score of 359. There itself, my uncle said,” son we are going to loss the match, we don’t have the capacity to chase this many runs”. His statement broke my heart but I still had hopes alive, for our batting had batting legends Sachin tendulkar, Rahul dravid, Sourav ganguly and Virendar sehwag. As the Indian innings began, I still had my hopes alive but then as wickets began to fell, my heart sank. With every wicket, my heart swelled with sadness. India lost the match and I cried a lot that day, like millions did tha day. That defeat broke my heart.

Times change for sure and then India defeated Australia in 2007 T20 world cup semifinal  and that was a proud moment for me. the winning streak continued in 2011 too as India defeated Australia in 2011 world cup quarter final. I still remember that moment where Yuvraj singh hit the winning runs and roared in middle of the pitch and cried with happiness. I won’t forget that moment….ever and from then on India went on to defeat sri lanka in the finals to win their second world cup after 28 long years. That was one of the most joyous moments of life to see my country lift the world cup in front of my very own eyes.

Today is 26th march. India and Australia are set for an epic semifinal clash, all eyes of the world will be on this two teams. May the best team win and may that team be India, for my heart cheers for India. My heart goes with India….INDIA INDIA INDIA…..fingers crossed……just want to see India in the finals….and lift the world cup again…..Victory is a must...we need it...we want it...we so desperately need it...

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