Once upon a time she was a blessing, she became a curse later and then she became a lesson for life....

I was going through my favorites list on whatsapp simply checking out people and I saw a status in which it was written, “ how does it feel when a person leaves you without giving you a reason, you are left in despair , for you keep asking yourself questions and get no answers”. As i read those beautiful words, i realized that the feelings of being left alone, the feeling of emptiness , of being rejected is so universal.

That status felt so personal, so close to my heart because a year ago, I too used to write this same lines in memory of my broken relationship. In memories of someone, who just left without giving a reason. She owed an explanation but she never gave one. I was so mad on myself, so mad on her .But bad days don’t last always, with time I got over that so called bad phase, that so called torture I had inflicted on myself. I broke free of all those bonds of bitter memories and those broken dreams. Of those kisses that never happened, of those hugs that never happened. Once upon a time she was a blessing, she became a curse later and then she became a lesson for life.

I became independent, free of her and I felt good, more relaxed. She taught me some great lessons and I would always be grateful to her. God bless her, for how can I curse someone with whom I share some beautiful memories.

And to the woman who wrote this status, if you are reading this, I would just say,” they left you without a reason because they had no reason at all”. What reason would they give you when they have none, so chill babe, put up a brave face and smile.”

And in life, breakups may happen, but every time you have to sit down, gather those broken pieces and prepare yourself to fall in love again. For falling in love is always a new experience. 

Can you ruin your life, just because a relationship failed, someone didn't realize your worth doesn't makes you worthless. Relations are like that, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Just because you failed once doesn't mean you will fail always, don’t close the walls of your heart rather give yourself another chance. Give yourself another chance, forgive yourself, forgive the one who hurt you and move ahead. Don’t live with burdens of your past, don’t live with regrets. Fall in love with yourself and trust God always, For he has better plans for you. 

You will find love again for sure…..when you can fall in love for the first time…there will always be a second time…then third….then fourth..then fifth…..till you meet your soulmate…ha ha ha…..lol…till eternity….God bless you all…

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