If you ask me about those simple things that make me happy, then there are certain things that do bring a smile on my face.

1. Sleep makes me happy, When i get to sleep for hours without the fear of being woken up by the pressure of going to college or somewhere or the fear of completing work,When I get extra two hours of sleep when I wake up in the morning. My mind rejoices in abundance.

2. Jogging makes me happy, when I complete my planned sets of rounds of the 400m round track, it makes me happy when I see the whole me profusely sweating. The inner me says, that yes mission has been accomplished.

3. Taking a shower makes me happy, for it makes me clean and when cold water droplets fall on my dull, dirty and tired body, they charge it up with freshness.  A good bath removes dullness from me and makes me a clean man.

4. Good food makes me happy, as I come out of the bathroom and I see good food being served on the dining table, it makes me happy for I get yummy food to eat and that too for free from the most talented cook of the world, my mother.  Parathas, upma, idli, dosa, poha,  idiappam, appam, she makes everything so tasty, that I cannot stop gorging.

5. Listening to great music makes me happy, listening to those melodious songs that soothe my soul. Those romantic tracks that make you fall in love with your life. Sonn gs that express my mood so well are so pleasing to my ears. Great music is such a mood lifter. I just love that song by Gajendra verma, “ Tujhse door jo hota hu”.

6. Driving makes me happy, everytime I sit on my bike to go to my college or to meet my friends. I feel like  a king talking to the breeze . Everytime I drive, its like playing a video game, objects and people coming your way and you dodging them, accelerating and decreasing your speed at will. The whole process is so wonderful.

7. Playing games on my laptop makes me happy.  IGI covert strike is my favorite game, so is EA cricket and smack down, its fun to kill people with the most advanced weapons, thrash Bowlers with sixes and fours and beating the hell out of your opponent wrestler. No tension, free of stress and playing my favorite games at will. Wowww.

8. Chatting with someone makes me happy, meaningful conversations that give me new ideas, stupid conversations that make me laugh, romantic conversations that make me fall in love with someone. Conversations bring smiles on my face.

9. Eating parle-g with tea makes me happy. It’s the most wonderful combination , I just enjoy dipping parle-g into tea and eating it. There is different taste that makes my tongue crave for it. I am a tea addict, I am a parle-g addict.

10. Intimacy makes me happy. Kisses and hugs are the most wonderful things to happen between two human beings and they do bring a smile on my face.

11. Spending time with friends make me happy, doing anything from roaming aimlessly on roads to travelling to different places, from talking continuosly on career, dating and relationships to about how hot that girl looks, it all makes me happy. With friends, its amazing anything I do, for they love me, I love them.

12. Writing blogs make me happy and getting views, comments and votes on them makes me more happy.

13. Getting compliments make me happy, compliments on anything. Oh dude, you write so well, oh you looking handsome today, that shirt is looking so good on you, you smell good, oh you sing so well, each and every word that makes me feel good about myself makes me happy.

14. Singing makes me happy,singing in my bathroom is a reliever and singing in the choir  in my church during the holy mass strengthens my vocals, makes me grow spiritually and brings me closer to God. Singing hymns of God soothes my soul and I stay in bliss for a whole week.

15. Getting an unexpected call , an unexpected message from a dear friend makes me happy.

16. Seeing old couples smiling together makes me happy. It strengthens my belief in love.

17. Seeing a baby laugh and giggle makes me happy. When a baby comes and touches my face, feels my beard with curiosity. My joy has no bounds. I feel blessed when I make a baby sleep on my shoulders.

18. I feel happy when I see a baby trying to walk, taking a few steps and then falling again, again rising up and trying to walk.

19. I feel happy when I get clicked with my friends and the picture comes out to be really good.   I feel happy when I go through all those old pictures, those old memories where I am so happy, smiling with my friends. Going down the memory lane and visiting the glorious moments of the past is just mesmerizing.

20. I feel  happy when I revisit my school and meet my teachers who taught me during my childhood and teens.

21. I feel happy when the weather is good, when there is cool breeze during a hot day and sunlight during a chilly morning. I feel happy when I experience the first rains , I feel happy when I wake up early morning and go for a walk to see the sun rise to glory.

22. I feel happy when I spend money for my dear ones and see a smile on their face.

23. I feel happy when I give alms to the poor.

24. I feel happy when I spend money on myself. When I buy tshirts, shirts, jeans, pants, shoes, deodorants, food for my own self, It makes me happy.

25. I feel happy when I get a new haircut and it looks sexy on me.

26. I feel happy when teacher says get out during a boring lecture.

27. I feel happy when my mother hugs me and when my father tells me tales of his childhood.

28. I feel happy when I gain weight in winters and lose weight in summers.

29. I feel happy when I pray and when I meditate to the supreme soul.

30. I feel happy when I learn something new, may be a new word, a new song, a new dance step, a new fact…anything.

31. I feel happy when I get a new book to read, when I find an interesting blog, an interesting article.

32. Seeing a beautiful place, a beautiful flower, a beautiful woman makes me happy.

33. Eating food after long hours of hunger makes me happy, drinking water after longs hours of thirst makes me happy.

34. Watching cricket and seeing India win makes me happy, especially when the win comes with a six hit by Dhoni.

For things that make me happy, the list is endless. I will not get tired writing them but I doubt you may get tired reading them. For me happiness is a state of bliss and peace, where your smile is spontaneous and you feel like the King of the world.

35. And last but not the least Eating Pizza with friends along with a glass of coke makes me happy….

 God bless you all…stay happy…stay blessed.

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