She had called me to her house and I was quite surprised by that. I really didn't understand what she wanted from me, for now everything was over between us. Love had ceased to exist in our relation, kisses and hugs had become rare and fights had become common. It was a burden to carry on this relation and we had decided to go different ways, for walking together was not possible but pushing aside all this thoughts, I decided to meet her a final time.

I reached their on time and rang the bell, she opened the door for me and then our eyes met and we kept staring at each other, she looked sick but was still beautiful and charming as ever.  She gave me a seductive smile and her smile confused me, what had she called me for, may be she wants to have sex for the last time perhaps, I thought. She asked me to come inside and to make myself comfortable. As I went inside, I saw she was wearing a short loose skirt and a yellow top and the whole combo made her a sex diva.  She asked me If I wanted coffee or tea, I wished for a cup of coffee. She said, ok just wait for 10 minutes and coffee will be ready for you, saying this she went in the kitchen. She was coughing and sneezing at regular intervals, she was down with fever may be. I asked her,” you suffering from fever”. She said,” yups”.

Pressure was developing in my head because of our weird behavior, what had she called me for. Had she forgotten what had persisted between two of us.  Did she want to rekindle our relationship ignoring all misunderstandings between the two us ?. Was she really in love with me ?. I never want to get back into this relation, even if she wants, I would clearly say this to her because she was terrible to be with, a complete psycho who would pour all her frustration on me at times, fight with me for silly reasons, would hold back sex at times, fighting and arguing at times for no reason and what not. I was fed up of all this and didn't want all this to happen again. I was fighting with my thoughts and that’s when she broke the chain of thoughts as she came with two cups of coffee.

She handed me my cup and as she handed me, there was that same seductive smile on her face that I had seen when I came inside. As she sat near me, I touched her head and her body temperature was quite high. I asked her if she was taking medicines and she said yes she was. I asked her to take good care of her and she said, she will. I really don’t know what was going on but I really expected her to fight, argue and accuse me of using her but she didn’t. She was just cool and sipping her coffee and in between coughing at regular intervals. What’s the matter with her. I took a sip or two of coffee from my cup and finally asked her, “ why have you called me here”. She said, I don’t know but just wanted to meet you for the last time and saying this she coughed again. I caressed her back and asked her if she was ok. She said, yups she was

 I then asked her, so everything is over between us.  she didn't reply. Instead asked another question , do you love me honey.  I was shocked, honey!!!!!!!!! Has she gone nuts…..and suddenly this question. I made a brave face, no I don’t.  She asked me, why, why don’t you. I said, because we are not meant to be together and I hate you now more than ever I loved you, dislike you now more than I ever liked you. I expected an emotional outburst but she remained calm and said ok. She coughed again and I caressed her back, she pushed me away, put the cup on the table and stood up. She walked a distance and opened her tied hairs, making her  hairs fall on her back and walked into the bedroom. I was startled by her behavior, she did this everytime when she had a mood to get intimate. That very moment I went weak, i pushed away all the plans of staying away from her to eternity.

I went inside and she was standing there waiting for me, I went near her though she was sick but her body smelled good. I pulled her towards myself and planted a kiss, she closed her eyes and we smooched each other as our tongues explored each other. My hands went down and lifted her skirt and caressed her thighs, she moaned and tightened her grip as I explored her neck. As I tried to lift her top up, she pushed me back and said, enough. She panted for a while and then asked me to leave. I asked her ,what’s the matter with her ? and she shot back, you don’t have the right to ask me that, just leave. I fueled with rage and walked out of her house never to return.

As night dawned, I felt a sense of weakness in my body, the temperature of body was rising and by midnight, I knew fever had caught me and I knew who gave me that virus. As I woke up in the morning, my whole body pained , I felt more weaker. As the day passed, my nose began running  and my temperature rose. In the evening I bought a leaf of crocin tablets and took them but I got no relief. I thought, it was seasonal fever that happens occasionally, even she was having seasonal fever. I thought I would get well in 3-4 days, but it didn’t happen instead the fever persisted for a whole week and my condition worsened. My eyes had become swollen and watered when I coughed. Body pain become severe, so did my sneezing, all my hankies were filled with my mucus. I got less sleep every night because my coughing kept me awake. It had all become really irritating for me.

Finally my mother advised me to get myself checked at a nearby hospital, and there at the hospital they took my mucus and after some hours, they said I had swine flu….Holy shit…I was shocked and I felt as if an earthquake suddenly happened…I was shaken to core…and my trust in humanity was brutally slaughtered that bitch had swine flu and it was seasonal fever…she said……



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