It was 8.30 am in the morning and i was chatting with her, for the past few days we were fighting, fighting on every small issue. she had no time for a loser like me, not responding to my romantic messages, to the wonderful poems i wrote for her. all looked like a garbage to her now. other priorities had taken my place. i felt sad, distressed, defeated and lost. i was staring at my mobile in disgust and anger. when came my mother, to remind me such a loser i am. 

what do you plan to do with your life.......chatting with your friend is all you want to do....what have you gained all this year,,,holding this mobile in your hand...what do you want to do....what have you made of yourself...you have made a joke of yourself.....

her words came like a double edged sword cutting my heart already in despair to pieces. Anger took control of me and i with whole my strength throwed the mobile towards the wall that was shamelessly seeing me getting insulted by life. the mobile split into its basic components. tears rolled from my eyes and i sat there breathing heavily struggling to live , struggling to calm down the beast in me. My mother was shocked to see me behave like this and tears rolled down her cheeks.

i really could not see her like this so i ran out of the house and just ran, ran and ran to an isolated place and shouted out aloud. i spend some lonely time with myself, sobbing, letting my tears come out. As an hour passed by,i calmed down and when i came back to my senses. i started missing my mobile and i realized what a big blunder i had done. i had given an interview yesterday and was expecting a call from them, my friends had planned a beer party, how would they contact me, she was fighting with me for all the wrong reasons, what if she had sent a sorry and actually realized her mistakes. I walked back to my home and i walked fast, faster, fastest to reach my home.all the while praying that nothing should happen to my dearest mobile phone. i just prayed to God that to forgive me this time.

I reached home and knocked the door, my sister opened the door. I straight away went to my bed where the separated components of my mobile were lying. Battery, cover and the bodypart itself were lying away from each other. I assembled them together and switched it on, and to my surprise it did come alive, I felt so relieved and as I took a deep breathe to relax, I realized my mobile was dead again, sorry it became unconscious. I really felt like stones hitting me hard on my head. I with my own hands screwed myself. I felt terribly upset but it was no use regretting now. I took my mobile in my hands and rushed to the nearby hospital, I mean repair shop and asked the owner of it to begin the treatment immediately.

He after opening the parts and examining it carefully asked me, ye kaise hua, iske to anjar-panjar dheele pad gaye bhaiya.

I said, well ya it fell from a high place.

He said, bohat buri tarah gira hai ye to aur iske parts bhi milne band ho gaye hai ab.

 I said, arey bhaiya, kuch bhi karo..theekh kardo isay.

He said, chalo acha. As he was operating my phone, he asked me…..kabse yahi mobile chala rahe ho, android kyu nai le lete.

I said, paise nai hai.

 He said, arey mujhse le lo, 1800 rs main mast micromax ka set dila dunga.

 I said, utne rupay bhi nai hai mere paas.

He said, mobile sudharvaane ke to paise hai na.  

I asked , kitna kharcha aa jaayega.

He said, 500rs.

I said, abbey jaan lega ka, kuch to kam kar.

He said, bhaiya isay kam main to na ho paayega….mushkil hai…aap kahi aur se karwa lo fir.

I said, chal acha kar de and saying that, I took the last 500rs note that was left in my wallet and gave it to him.

There was a burning sensation in my pocket, in my mind, in my heart that 500 rs went in haste.

A moment of anger cost me 500 bucks..ain’t that a bit costly…..

And as I took my phone which was alive and working now, I remembered all those advices of my parents, my friends and dear ones to control my anger……….my anger has costed me a lot of things in the past….alaass….when do I learn to control it…..

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