Well Airtel has been my partner from the day I learned to use a mobile phone, I am a big fan of Shahrukh khan and Preity zinta and I still remember the ad in which the tagline was “ MAGIC HAI TO MUMKIN HAI”. So what Shahrukh khan endorses  automatically becomes my choice. I got my first phone when I was in second year of graduation.  From then its been 5 years now and the companionship between me and airtel has never broken.  I have enjoyed the vast network of Airtel in all this years, though its recharge , data packs, sms packs all are a bit costlier than other prepaid services but what it gives you is quality, you can be assured of that. Even if you have to pay some extra bucks, it does guarantee you a better service. I never had a problem of poor network coverage or my calls getting disconnected in between. Airtel internet is simply superb , has great speed, you can browse through net smoothly and its downloading speed is the best. Its like airtel has given me special powers through which I can stay in touch with my dear ones always, now airtel has granted me a special boon called the “MY AIRTEL APP”.

Through MY AIRTEL APP I can simply manage my prepaid, DTH and broadband services at one place itself. Apart from the amazing offers that I will get for my prepaid service, I can easily pay my bills, recharge my DTH, track account usage, track my services, buy products, add my family and friends and much more. “MY AIRTEL APP” is the best way to manage all my airtel services through my handset.

The three features of “MY AIRTEL APP” that will best suit my life style is :-

1) I  can recharge my prepaid service and DTH on time sitting at my home
Well every time I had to recharge my number, I had to go to a nearby shop. There were times when I used to forget to recharge my data pack and the left out data would soon get expired. Just imagine 500 mb of data vanishing into thin air, such a big loss, isn’t it.  There were times when the shop used to remain closed and I had to go somewhere else, complete waste of time and energy. When I had to do a DTH recharge, I had to listen to the nagging of my mother continuosly  because I am a couchpotato and to step out of my house to do such boring things like recharge really bore me. to go out every now and then to recharge something or the other irks me a lot. So now with “MY AIRTEL APP”:-

i) I can save my time and energy.
ii) It would end all the complaints of my mother.
iii) I can save the expense of my petrol too, so extra profit.
iv) With the time I saved, I can spent some extra minutes playing games, chatting on facebook and whatsapp.

2) I can keep a track of my data usage

There are times when I finish off a one month data in just 15 days, watching youtube videos and surfing net  continuosly. Now I can keep a track on my data usage, know how much data I consumed, set data usage limits and reminders and when the data is low, it gives me an alert. It would really help me spen my data pack more economically and judicially. I am someone who is an internet addict and if not controlled, I can take internet in heavy doses. “MY AIRTEL APP” will keep my addiction under check.

3) I will get free coupons and surprises at every airtel recharge.

Isn’t it wonderful to get gifts and surprises, we all like it. it adds an extra thrill to your life and when you pay for something and get something extra with it, it adds more joy to your life isn’t it. I am someone who frequently goes on date with my girlfriend, so the free coupons can surely add charm to our love life. I can take her out for a movie, on a coffee date to Cafe coffee day, gift her something from Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra and Archies. Ain't it Cool....yes ofcourse it is.

so this are those 3 features that best suit my life style.


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