It was New year eve and she was walking on the road, about to meet a friend whom she had never met before. It was their meet in their 3 months long friendship. They had met on facebook and from then on continuously chatted with each other to become good friends in course of time.

She was looking hot in her short black skirt walking on the road constantly ignoring the irritating stares of random strangers. Such things were not new to her and she was accustomed to all those glares and stares. When would men learn to respect women, she thought. There were these men penetrating her soul through their dirty stares and there was this guy, whom she was about to meet, so sweet he was, so caring.

He had really wanted to meet her so badly and even though she wanted to refuse this time tour to but then she had nothing better to do, so thought of taking a chance and the guy was not that bad. He talked decently and had a good sense of humor too. She had bought a chocolate for him, a gift for being so sweet to her. She was nervous though but then what use is life, when you cannot take some calculated risks.

He had told her that he would be waiting for her in his black color verna and there it was parked beside a public park. The park was closed though as it was night time. The place was isolated though, she felt a cold vibe, as if something bad was going to happen, she ignored it and went ahead.

As she reached near the car, she called the boy on his number and asked him to come out, just to confirm if she was behind the right car and yes she was. he was waiting for her for the past one hour. They both saw each other and there was an air of nervousness between them. The guy came forward and said a hello to her, she responded back with a smile. He looks handsome she thought, and then he politely asked her to get into the car, she agreed.

As she sat beside him, he turned on the AC,  the environment inside was quite suffocating. There was silence between both of them, a weird silence. She thought of breaking it and said, well how’s you, why did you want to meet?????????.  The guy stammered and said, well, from the first day I saw your pic, I am madly in love with you, I love you so much, I just cannot live without you. She was shocked to hear that and just could not digest what he was saying, she always though him as a good friend and here he was confessing his love to her. she said, I am really sorry but I never saw like this, you are just a friend to me. He kept insisting, please try and understand, I truly love you and want you badly, please…..accept me. She again said , please I am sorry but I cannot accept it, you are just a friend to me and this time in her voice was anger. The guy understood it and said, ok ok, I am sorry….well can I hug you….like please. She was startled by his demand and refused immediately.

All kinds of weird thoughts were coming in her mind, why did she come, why she had to face all this. Fear was creeping into her mind , she had started getting shivers, she just wanted this ordeal to end somehow. She just wanted to run away, but then again he asked, please let me hug you, please dear and as he said that, there was despair in his voice as if how badly he wanted to touch her. She again said a no sternly. This time, he without heeding to what she said, forcefully tried to hug her. He put her arms behind her and tried to grab her, she was shocked by the turn of events and tried to push him, but his hold was too strong to let her go. He forcefully kissed her and rubbed his hands on her thighs, her mind was filled with disgust and eyes filled with tears. She shouted, she screamed but the car was packed completely and her screams were buried alive.

She still kept fighting, she cannot let this happen to her, she kept telling herself and as he came near her, she bit his chest badly, he shouted in pain and lost grip on her. She hit a straight punch on his face and made his nose bleed, before he could regain his senses, she opened the door and ran, she just wanted to shout and scream aloud and wanted that bastard to be beaten to death but then she thought of her parents. She didn’t want to defame them, she had already given them too much trouble. She ran as fast as she could and went far as far as she could. As she reached a crowded place, she slowed down. Non stop tears were flowing from her eyes, she just wanted to scream aloud but she was too tired of running and sat on the footpath. She saw some street children running around, she called them and gave the chocolate she had bought for him, they simply smiled at her saying thank you didi and ran away. She too laughed at the ordeal she faced some moments ago, A laugh filled with pain and despair and went her way.


  1. Phew!! Disgraceful people! Hope its not a real story.. I simply don't understand why it is so easy for the society to treat a woman like that. It is such a disgrace,,

    1. some people.......cannot keep their animal instincts under control.....they think with their penises not head...


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