They were best friends and perhaps they would had been a couple, if he was not committed. He had a girlfriend and that was the only barrier that stopped them from taking the relationship to the next level. They were close to each other, very close but still far. Friend ship is a relationship that brings you close but keeps you at a distance where you cannot get intimate….that’s against rules…..but rules are broken at times…..sometimes barriers are broken…..sometimes accidents are more tempting than driving safely on the roads…..

They were back after watching a movie, it was late evening hours. It was 10.45 pm showing on the clock when they reached home. They both went to his house as his parents had gone out of station and it was safe for the girl too as it was too late for her as the gates of the hostel must have been closed by now.

He welcomed her to his house and tried to make her comfortable. He was nervous, so was she.  They never felt alone in each other’s presence. This house and only two of them, surely  the devil would be at work in some time. She told him that she needs to get fresh. He gave her a towel and asked her to use his bathroom. She went into his bathroom and he went into his dad’s bathroom to get fresh. He came out soon but like every other girl, she took time to get fresh.

Meanwhile he went to the hall and switched on the TV. After around 30 minutes, she stepped out of the bathroom looking fresh and sexy. And it’s a universal truth that when girls are at their peak of awesome ness when they step out of the bathroom after a fresh bath. There is a fresh scent that resonates around them, a sexy aura that is enough for a man to get strong between his legs.

As she stepped out, the guy looked at her and their eyes met, he got goose bumps seeing her and his throat went dry as he gulped down his excitement gazing at her wet hairs that were drizzling drops of lust. Her face looked so fresh, so beautiful and her voluptuous figure was enough for him to make his heart skip a  beat. He stared at her with his mouth open. The girl was blushing all the while trying to control her smile.

She came and sat beside him, he could feel her aroma around him and the warmth that was coming from her body. His heart began beating rapidly such that the girl could hear it, she asked him what’s the matter with you, why are you so nervous. Anyone would be if he sits beside a gorgeous girl like you, he said. She started laughing and said, enough…please don’t embarrass me now.

As they sat together watching TV, creepy thoughts were making ways in both of their minds. They controlled their carnal desires and kept quite staring at the idiot box. The guy kept changing channels and after a while started yawning, he felt sleepy. He said to her that he is feeling sleepy and is going to his room to sleep. The girl said ok as the guy stood up and went to sleep. As he went into his room, devilish thoughts were back in his mind. Sleep was out of his eyes now, for lusty thoughts were keeping his mind engaged. He tried to control himself and closed his eyes. But sleep was adamant and it won’t come to him so easily. It was 12 o clock now, he felt curious about what she must be doing now. The sound of TV was still audible, women are such big TV Buffs, he thought. He felt bad that without asking her he had gone to sleep leaving her alone in the hall. He thought, I should let her sleep in my room and I myself will sleep in the hall.

As he entered the hall, what he saw was the one of the cutest things he ever saw, the TV was still on and she was lying on the sofa with her eyes closed lost in the world of her dreams. She looked cute like a new born baby, her expression filled with innocence. He took the chair nearby and sat beside her smiling as he stared at the cute damsel sleeping in front of him.

He lifted her in his arms and walked towards his room, as he took her in his arms. She woke up as his touch woke her soul, sending waves of excitement within the deepest layer of her body. As he touched her, her heart started beating rapidly as she felt shy in his arms.

He took her to his room and made her lie down on his bed. All the while thinking of grabbing her, stripping her off and making love with her, her smell was attracting him, making him go mad within. His mind, his soul, his body began craving her, the hunger to make love was eating him within.  Fear to lose her, lose her friendship, lose respect before her own eyes made him control his natural instincts as he covered her beautiful body with a bedsheet with a heavy heart.

As he turned back to go, she stopped him, surely something naughty was brewing up in her mind. She didn’t want him to go away her, she just wanted him to be around touching her here and there arousing her to extreme levels. Both of them had the same intentions, mischief, lust and desire to love each other was going strong in their minds with each passing moments but they were shy to admit it, they were just friends and how could they cross their limits.

He asked her, what happened. She said, don’t go na please. He asked her, don’t you want to sleep dear. She said, no I don’t want to. He asked her, then what do you want.  She said, I want you to be here, with me, near me. He asked, and what do I do, sitting near you and when he asked this, naughtiness was shining in his eyes. She said, we will talk na, whole night we will talk and when she said this naughtiness shined in her eyes.

So they decided, they will explore the ocean Of their minds in the serenity of night…. 


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