So they decided, they will explore the ocean in the serenity of night….

And then they started talking about anything and everything, as words were travelling through their minds dropping from their mouths, a sudden thought came in his mind, ohh yes, there were some beer bottles in the refrigerator. There can be no better time than this to have a taste of chilled beer. He asked her if she would like to drink with him, she thought for a while. She had never tasted it before, she had heard from her friends though it tastes yuck in the beginning but feels like heaven after some sips. She thought of giving it a try, for the man she admired secretly was with her and how great it would be to drink and talk. She said, yups I am ready and asked him to get it as she was quite excited about it.

He went into the kitchen and opened the fridge, as he took out the beer bottles. He saw some chocolates too and felt happy at the sight of seeing them, this was turning out to be a perfect date. He hid those chocolates in his pocket for he wanted to see that sudden smile forming on her face. As he walked back to his room, she was eagerly waiting for him nervous and excited.  He kept the beer bottle in front of her and as she looked at the muddy color bottle in amazement, he took out those chocolates and waved before her, she jumped with happiness and was quite amazed for she loved chocolates a lot.

They both started taking sips from the bottle one by one, the liquid was bitter but as it travelled from the alimentary canal to the stomach, it gave chills but as it went into the stomach, there was a burning sensation that was felt. As if it cooled down their burning desires in the beginning only to make the fire in them more fierce and highly inflammable. With only some last sips left, the beer had started showing its after effects. The mind was light now free of any inhibitions and was in a position to make the body act as it wanted.  The curtains had fallen and they were openly laughing and giggling in each other’s company, it was as if the dogs were set free by their masters to play around with each other.

The girl was getting insane with each passing moment though the guy was sober and was in full control of his carnal desires. As he took the bottle to his mouth to finish it off, she took it away from him and finished it off instead. He sat their shocked as she laughed like a maniac.  You are crazy, he said and you look so cute with that shock expression on your face, she replied back.

She then unwrapped the chocolate and took a bite making a face that teased him, he demanded his share but she refused, he gave her a final warning but she was adamant. She was getting on his nerves, Ok then be ready to face the consequences and saying that the guy caught hold of her and began tickling her waist. She burst laughing and he kept tickling her until she began struggling for breathe, she accepted defeat and gave him his share. She broke a piece of that sweet matter and put it in his mouth. Even the smallest hairs of his body got aroused as her fingers touched his lips. There was an erection forming between his legs and those feelings were about to burst but he controlled himself. He broke another piece from the sweet matter and put it in her mouth. She smiled at him and they kept looking at each other for a while.

The night was sweet and their minds were lost in the serenity and silence of those midnight hours, there was no one to watch, there was no one disturb, there was no one to comment. Two souls all alone in one room, somewhere they knew within that yes today, all bonds will break free.

Their bodies were trembling , pearls of sweat flowing through their bodies. He could hear her heartbeat’s, she could hear his, for they were too loud to be ignored amidst all the silence all around. They were still looking at each other shy and nervous thinking who would make the first move. For a storm was about to come that would come and wipe away all the inhibitions between them.

He raised his right hand and bought it near her face, there were those orphaned strands of hairs flying all over her face, he stroked them aside, pushing those strands of her behind her ear lobes. To touch her felt like magic and he didn’t want to put away his hands from her, there was a mix of excitement and fear growing within her as he caressed her eyes, her nose, her lips with his bare hands. Her boy was trembling with joy. She wanted him to go on but her mind was playing games confusing her, her heart pounding hard on her chest as she whispered,  what are you doing. He said, nothing and bought his fingers down her neck caressing her all the way. She caught his hand before his fingers explored her navel. But he came closer towards her, as they looked at each other for a while. 

There was caution In her eyes and there was fire in his. He came more closer, she shaked her head in disapproval but her constant blushing gave the clue to him and he caught her by her back and pushed her towards himself. Even she couldn’t resist herself and gave him a peck on his lips and that was enough to make him go wild and berserk , he inserted his hands inside her shirt and caressed her bare back, she moaned with excitement as his hands touched her bra. He kissed her on her forehead, her nose and as he reached her lips, he gave a peck, she responded back with a peck. As some moments passed by, pecks turned into a kiss…a long kiss.

They kissed each other, sucking each other’s lips as his hands moved towards her breasts, pressing them gently as he moved his lips below and smooched her neck kissing her passionately as deep moans escaped her lips. He unbuttoned her shirt, inch by inch revealing her perfectly shaped beautiful body. He saw her hidden body had fairer complexion than her face. Her face was a bit darker, soft but rough at some places, some marks, some scars here and there, an imperfect beauty she is, he ran his fingers through her neck and as his fingers came near her breasts , he inserted his right index finger into her bra a and touched her nipple, a moan escaped her lips. Her breathing had become heavy and he was enjoying the moment, he had never seen a naked woman in real, he had never experienced the pleasure of making love with a woman and he was actually doing all this now felt like a dream to him, thoughts were racing in his mind and it all felt so great. All this stuff he had seen in movies and now finally life had made him a hero and he was lying on top of his heroine. 

He took out her right nipple and sucked it simultaneously pressing her left nipple with index finger and thumb. He pushed her towards himself and took his hand behind her back, his fingers trying to unhook her bra but he couldn’t, she smiled and unhooked herself for him, he took it out and threw it and now her boobs were out in full glory with erect nipples.She was enjoying every bit of it and her moans were a witness to it, she wanted the foreplay to go on and on till eternity. He brought his mouth down and sucked her boobs with vigor. She moaned as he pressed them hard devouring them like a hungry demon. His manhood was uncontrollable now and had become so large that it was forcing its way out of his jeans, he unzipped his jeans and took out his manhood that was standing erect and tall. She had never seen a real penis in her life except in some porn movies that she used to watch in her hostel with friends. It was not as long in size as shown in porn but was definitely Big and thick. She was excited to touch it and feel it, how it would be but felt shy to do it, they both looked at each other, he kissed her again on her lips and then came down and loosened her trouser taking them out. Her sexy thighs…..ummmmm….were ravishing, he caressed them, kissing them inch by inch, as he reached her pussy, he found her panty was all wet and there was this aroma coming from her body that was making him hornier with every passing moment. His bulge was getting unbearable , he so eagerly wanted to enter into her, so was she, how badly she wanted to him to be inside her, she was a virgin and her heart was beating with tremendous excitement.  She was on verge of losing her virginity to a man who was her best friend. He removed her panty and thrust into her but his organ slipped and missed the mark, he tried again but everytime it missed the mark, the place was slippery and he didn’t know what to do, nervousness was at its peak, he made several tries but in vain.

Dreams of their first sexual experience were getting shattered before their own eyes. He was feeling ashamed, she too was perplexed and had no idea what to do, confusion was written on their faces. All the excitement, the adrenaline rush came down but then the guy gathered courage and looked at her, they looked into each other. her eyes said how much she adored him, he was her hero and it gave him strength, he said one last time and entered into her one last time and this time it went tearing her apart as she gave a loud scream. The pain was unbearable as she broke into tears, she screamed at him requesting him to take it out. He took his organ out immediately , blood was trickling down from her vagina and he really felt shitty for being the cause of her pain. His heart was filled with guilt as he saw tears rolling down her eyes. He kissed her forehead, caressed her hairs comforting her, she hugged him tightly, her heart was filled with guilt for she thought she had disappointed him, she had let him down. With tears in her eyes, she whispered in his ears, I am sorry. He hugged her even more tightly and said, don’t be dear, I am sorry that I hurt you. They both tightened their arms around each other and comforted their souls.

She went to the washroom and washed herself, he too went into the bathroom and took a shower. They came back and removed the bedsheet that was now filled with blood and semen.  They replaced it and lied down together. She hid her head in his chest and he covered her with his arms and they both lay there wrapped in each other’s body. He was feeling sleepy after all the hard work he had done and soon fell asleep. But her eyes were still open staring at him constantly thinking about him,


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