As usual I woke up by 5.30 in the morning forcing myself out of bed. I drank my morning tea, did my daily chores and got ready by 6.30. I remembered I had gone to bed at 1.30 AM last night and now I had to reach office by 7.30, I regretted sleeping late last night and was determined to go to bed by 10 o Clock today, I dropped my sister to her bus stop and then motioned my bike towards my office.

Every morning it was this journey that I enjoyed the most, feeling the fresh breathe of early morning. Each day I would pass through a beautiful lake, some beautiful faces and some lovely houses. But today even the beauty around was not pleasing me for I knew that eventually I had to ignore them all and stop at an ugly place where I would have to toil hard all day, bearing all the insults and shitty words that my boss throwed at me. I always waited for the  clock to strike 5 as soon as possible and spare me the ordeal of doing something that I hated so much.

As my bike was going on at its own usual pace, I began thinking, why is it that destiny forces us to do things that we don’t want to. Why Is it that people we love the most ignore our dreams and make us do things that we never ever wished too. why cannot we simply follow our dreams and be what we want to be. To go their every morning, suffer every moment and come back tired every evening…finished. Why am I living a life where there is no life, where I am not enjoying it, where I am not happy. Was my life doomed to be like this, to spend my whole day doing something that I hate rather than following my passions and doing things that I love. My mind was in a fix that day revealing my frustrations, I felt sick the way my life was shaping up, what a wretched life and then suddenly came a van in between, it was full of children…ohhh I was so lost in my thoughts, in realized and applied the brakes in vain. The road was bad, one monsoon session and it had split into its basic components i.e sand and gravel. My bike slipped and I lost control, I knew I was about to fall but their was no way I could escape, my fall was unavoidable and I fell down, just fell down as my head collided with the rough surface and I saw my specs breaking into numerous pieces before my own eyes. i laid there for a while until two uncles came and lifted me up, they took my bike to a corner. As I stood up and walked a few steps, God has again saved me from a major accident. I knew I was alright and then I felt something warm flowing above my right eyebrow, when I touched it and looked, I saw warm red blood on my finger tips. My right hand was paining, so was my right leg, there were bruises on them. One of those uncles gave me a hanky to clean away the blood that was oozing out of my forehead profusely. He asked me that where I was going and as usual advised me to drive carefully. I was happy that my bike was all well and it hadn’t sustained any damage. I was happy at the fact, that yes I was going back home for a much needed rest. I sat on my bike and began kicking it but it was in an unconscious mode and refused to wake up. The uncle standing beside me took my bike from me and gave a try. After around 15 kicks, my bike roared and was back in action, it was back again after a deep shock, Together we have overcome an accident. This was the fourth one now. I happily drove back home enjoying my way back home, though my head pained and everytime I used the clutch, mu hand would scream in pain but even in this dismal state, my heart was smiling. As I reached home, I called my Manager and said, I won’t be coming today….MET WITH AN ACCIDENT….

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