REVIEW - In life you will never fall short of advices, for is here…..

We all are running in our lives, a mad race all 24 hours, all seven days seldom having time for ourselves continuing the journey of life. Life keeps popping its mind haunting questions time to time upon us sending us into phases of depressions and confusions. Getting desperate, scratching our head, cursing, running towards friends to seek their advices are something’s we do always but now for a change, we all have a better thing to do and what is that I will tell you, now if the clouds of problems surround upon you ready to rain you wet with despair and hopelessness, log on to adviceadda.Com and there you may surely find a solution to your problems, if not there are so many experts to help you out. Ask them your queries and they will surely help you out.

Advice adda is india's first of its kind online platform for teens and youths in age group of 12 years and above who go through various type of problems in this age such as Love, Relationship, Sex Problems, Stress, Loneliness, Health problems, Career, Job and many more. They provide us free Advice, Suggestion, Counseling through our panel of experts which includes Career Counselors, Psychologists, Sexologists, Gynecologists, Dermatologists, Dieticians, Sociologists and Lawyers as well. This portal is to give you an option where you can share your problems and get Solutions without revealing your identity in public. All our informations and identity will be kept secret throughout.

Advice adda has the potential to be the next big thing on the internet,  for it gives hope to millions who are searching for a candle in the darkness. It raises questions to the persisting ignorance in the society. It gives answers to many answered questions and it supports you, counsels you in times of stress. You broke your heart,  you feel all alone in this big world. You have health problems, your career is not shaping the way you want it to be, don’t worry, advice adda has a proper answer for all your problems.

Advice adda has a panel of great experts like Kannupriya kamboj who is a relationship expert, Jyotsna Gupta a Gynaecologist,, Aakriti kochar, a makeup artist, Vivek satya mitram who is a journalist and Dr Poosha who is a sexologist. They all are there for you at your service always, never feel lonely, reach out your hands and they will hold you. you just have to contact them and they will surely respond. If you fear about your identity, of people targeting you, then don’t worry, your identity would be kept anonymous.

Advice adda has stories to tell you, stories to inspire you from bloggers across India. When you go through them, you would feel like you are not alone in this world fighting a battle against odds, there are many others like you. Face your battle with a brave heart for they are with you, they will be the Krishna, the adviser, you be Arjuna the warrior. 

Advice adda in April had organized a campaign I AM #NOTAHYPOCRITE targeting the existing hypocrisy in the society. The campaign was highly successful and was appreciated by leading online verticals like scoopwhoop and Firstpost.

All in all is a cool website, cool enough to cool you during the scorching summers of life.  There is this cool video which was posted by Priyanka tiwari, the video was a part of #iloveme Campaign which was launched by adviceadda on the eve of Valentine’s day. A wonderful video it is as it says,” Do not wait for anyone else to say I love you just fall in love with yourself the way you are and say I Love Me.” This video will make you understand why you should love yourself before you expect anyone else to fall in love with you. Try this website once for the positivity it offers to you, you will never feel your precious minutes got wasted. The biggest plus point is the advices are free, you can consult an expert free of cost..aint that wonderful. Advice adda can surely lessen the amount of suicides happening in our country, I strongly believe that. It’s a matter of time when every youth of this country would be aware of this optimistic website and before taking any cruel step, they will have enough brains to check advice adda just once, it may do a lot of good to them and to their dear ones.

When cracks in dams occur, you fix them, we don’t ignore them. if ignored, the cracks would lead to destruction one day. So fix your problems with advice adda, before its too late.

“Every problem has a solution” a famous quote said by a famous person. After going through how true this words are….

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