We had planned to meet finally after a long sessions of flirting and phone sex. She had her reservations but still I convinced her for a date somehow. We were to meet tomorrow morning at 7.30  so we decided to sleep that night not extending our sexting hours and meet each other tomorrow fresh and charged. I had asked her to wear a skirt. She said, ok, she will see. I was excited thinking about things that were about to happen in a few hours to come. I buried my excitement in the backyard of my mind and went to sleep.

I woke up in the morning and brushed 3 times in case if a kiss happens, I didn’t want to spoil our first kiss and in the worst scenario didn’t want myself to be responsible for it. I bathed for a bit longer and as I came out, I checked my phone. She had pinged me on whatsapp, she was out of her house and was asking me, how long it would take , I said in 15-20 minutes, I would be there. I put on my undies, shirt and jeans in a hurry, sprayed perfume all over and started my bike and within minutes, the cool breeze of a wonderful morning was touching my face, soon the cool breeze turned into violent storms hitting my face, making tears gush out of my eyes as i speeded up, desperate to meet her.

And as I was on my way, the sky opened and the clouds blessed me with light showers. It started raining slowly, I was not ready to slow down, for the urge to meet her was high and I didn’t want to be late on my first date. I let the drops fall on my face and let them wet me. I speeded up and as I was crossing shahpura, I had a look at it and fell in love with what I saw, “ A beautiful lake spread till infinity and rain drops falling in it from a open and clear sky”.  My heart was riding in joy, romance in my heart was resonating in the atmosphere to, making me ecstatic.

As I reached the place, I parked my bike and walked towards a nearby bus stand. I called her and asked her, where she is. She said, on the way, will reach in 5 minutes. I waited for her, drenched in rain. My shirt was wet, though my undies and jeans were spared, it was not raining that heavily. But enough to make you get high on romance….i waited for her…..

I saw a car coming towards me, the car stopped and the glass came down. I looked inside, she was sitting inside. It was the first time we were meeting, she looked much beautiful as compared to her pictures n dp’s.  She invited me in, I went and sat beside her very excited thinking about the stuff that we would do in a short while.  She asked me, where should we go, what’s the plan. Outside, it was raining and here I was inside a car with a girl who was extremely sexy. I felt a slight erection in my pants, I asked her to drive towards the lake. For in this morning rains, driving beside the lake would be a blissful experience.

The drive began and as she was driving, I noticed she was quite nervous and shy. She had great hairs, I wanted to play with them, I wanted to hold her hands but her hands were busy changing gears. We started talking about our lives, about our hopes, our aspirations and how we fell for each other. She told me about how her MBA plans got foiled because the bank didn’t pass her loan on time. I talked about my job, my dreams, my aspirations, all the while looking at her face. As we talked, I was curious, why she was so nervous and wasn’t initiating anything. A curious me asked her, aren’t we doing anything today, we are talking for the past few minutes. What do you want, she said. A kiss at least and rest depends on your mood and space in the car, I said. She looked at me amazed and started giggling. I said, what, kiss me, she said, you are not going to get anything. I laughed, ok, a kiss on my cheeks then,. She said, no. I thought, she is so aggressive while sexting and suddenly she has turned into a shy girl out of nowhere. I was looking at her, her eyes were glued in the front as she swiftly moved her car towards our destination.

I saw her bare hands and ran my fingers through it, she pinched me hard. I got a red mark on my hands. O ghosh, she had long nails, she will tear my flesh while having sex, I thought. I saw her long hairs, tied neatly in a pony tail. I caressed her hairs and as I did that, she whispered, what are you doing ? . I said, nothing and moved aside her hairs, from her ears, her earrings looked beautiful, her bare neck was visible now and there was a mole their, a tiny one. I went ahead and kissed her there, she shivered. She said, what are you doing, people are looking at us. I laughed and said, park your vehicle somewhere, where no one would see what we two are doing. She said, “no I won’t” but I kept running my hands over her body. She herself began searching for lonely corners and we got one, she stopped her car and said, now do whatever you want to do but please do it fast before some one comes. I came near her, kissed her neck again, her ear lobes, her cheeks and came her lovely lips, we kissed and it was a bliss, I sucked her lips with passion, her lips were smooth and her smoothness turned my lips on, I sucked them and it was wonderful…I didn’t want the moment to end, I just wanted to get lost in it, I just wanted the needles of clock to stop there…..but then my hands moved down…towards her boobs and then and there itself..she pushed me back…I was like…hey what was that, won’t you allow me to touch them.  You won’t get everything on your first date, she said.

Time was up and she had to go home and I had to go to work too. So we began driving back to the place, where i had parked my bike. As we were on our way, I asked, shall I take a leave today. She smiled a bit and blushed a bit and then said, no need. She dropped me and as came out, we both looked at each other, I said, I love you and gave her a flying kiss. She stared at me with  a naughty smile and then turned the gears and went her way.

I went to my office and as I was working, I got her message, Liar, this cannot be your first kiss…ha ha ha ha ha…after reading it….i laughed aloud….

That night…we had phone sex though…

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